Life… ya know?

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, the last few months have kinda been shitty. Well, to top it off, I got a steroid injection to help my busted shoulder and ended up having a rare reaction to it which caused a few days of nausea and dizziness.


I literally can’t catch a f*cking break.

Mentally and physically I’ve been feeling mentally and physically beaten down. Still in a fibro flare up and life is throwing curve balls at me left and right (I’m not athletic enough to deal with even an easy lob right down the middle).

But, it’s all about mindset, and I know that. I know I can’t change overnight, but I need to start back on positive thinking.

For years, I’ve struggled with depression from all of the constant pain, and I feel myself slowly sinking down that hole from everything. I have dishes and laundry piled up, clutter around my apartment, and clutter in my head. Some days, doing the smallest task is a major accomplishment.

So, here is my new plan:

First things first- tomorrow I am going to CLEAN. Dishes, trash, laundry, vaccum. The whole nine yards.

Daily, I am going to start journaling. (Just in an old notebook I have because I’m not that fancy) Every day keep track of how I’m feeling mentally and physically. If I’m struggling with something, seeing it in black and white will help me identify the issue and help me map out a plan to get on the other side. This will also help me identify patterns and help me see what things in my life may be triggers. It will also be a good way for me to see how far I’ve come, and that I am capable of overcoming hard things.

I’m also going to look up different types of chore charts (or make my own depending on how ambitious and creative I’m feeling) to help keep my apartment looking it’s best. I always feel so much better when my house is clean and organized, and I need to get it back and keep it that way.

I also need to get back to actually cooking. I used to be on my game cooking and meal prepping, and loved it. I got into a bad habit of going out, take out, cereal or frozen pizza. I miss experimenting and being creative in the kitchen.

If anyone has any suggestions on ways I can get out of this rut, and stay out of it, I’ll take any suggestions on journals, methods, etc. leave a comment below!


3 thoughts on “Life… ya know?”

  1. Thank you for sharing. It’s meaning. Meaning helps one overcome the adversities one faces, including anxieties and insecurities. It helped me today at work. It helped me at home as I struggled to find any recourse or explanation for the pain I had faced. It guided me to serenity, a place where I was no longer myself … I became something more.

    That’s the power of meaning.

    Keep expressing yourself unabashedly, and you’ll find those dots. I’m still finding mine.

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  2. Another good piece that had me sucked in but touched me personally. The effects mental health issues can have on your body and wellbeing are absolutely overwhelming, But it’s good to know more people out there understand it and can put how you feel into words. I have heard good things about bullet journaling but haven’t tried it myself yet. Mine gets worse the colder months as silly as that sounds, my mood definitely improves come the warmer weather

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