Go Birds!

Tonight is the last pre-season game before the most wonderful time of the year… FOOTBALL SEASON! (tied closely with Christmas, obviously)

This means Sunday’s full of “Go Birds!”, brunch, wings, nachos, smack talk and hoping I don’t totally blow my fantasy football ranking.

This also means some Sundays doing that solo. Which, is something I talk about a lot. Some says are harder than others. 90% of the time I’m so confident in it. If I want to go somewhere or do something, I’ll do it. I won’t let the fact that no one is able to go with me (or that my friends arent as passionate about football as I am) stop me. I think this is fine, but society hasn’t caught on yet.

So many times I’ll show up by myself to a bar or brewery alone to catch a game (or games, depending on the Sunday) and a beer (or beers). I’ll grab a seat, browse the menu and get excited. Then I get asked “Are you waiting to order until the rest of your party shows up?” (Or some variation). Sometimes when I answer that I’m a party of 1, I get a look and a vibe that it turned into a pity party instead of a football game.

I’m on a personal mission to break the stigma. I mean, if you can’t have a good time with yourself, how do you expect anyone else to? There are definitely some times/places I occasionally feel self-conscious going to solo. I’m only human. Not a going-out-solo-super-hero…. yet.

Sometimes I think about it (maybe too much), and wonder if maybe it’s a defense mechanism. That, the older I get, the more my friends are dating, getting married, and having kids. Which means, the less face time I have with them. Which means… you guessed it…. the more I’m going out alone. This isn’t bad, or anything negative against them at all. It’s just, life. I think the more time I spend alone, and the more I get used it, that the less lonely it feels. This has definitely been something I’m battling lately, and I’m determined to come out on top.

Go Birds!


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